0 days to go
August 24, 2020
Duration: 4 Days
Budapest, Hungary
Virtual Event

Virtual Buyer - Free

You can submit Buyer application for registration pending approval if you a Buyer interested in acquiring content at NATPE Budapest and represent a TV Channel or any other broadcasting platforms including online. If you do not qualify for Buyer registration, please see other registration options

The registration is now closed.

Virtual Producer - 89$ (no VAT)

Producer registration is now open. You can submit your Producer application for registration pending approval if you represent an independent production company and you do not have or have limited international distribution of your locally produced content. We look for ambitious producers who are keen on finding co-producing or distribution opportunities for their content to join us at NATPE Budapest International. The price for the Producer badge is $89 USD and will entitle you to enter Pitch & Play Contest.  For more info please follow the link below

Pitch & Play Contest Info

If you do not qualify for Producer registration, please inquire about other options by emailing us at registrationinfo@natpe.org

The registration is now closed.

Virtual Participant - 89$ (no VAT)

Registration option for companies which are peripheral to audiovisual sector. This option is offered on individual case-by-case basis. If you were not provided this option directly from NATPE registration department please contact us at registrationinfo@natpe.org. 

The registration is now closed.